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Professionally cleaning filters that filter your air!

  • Bag house filter socks & envelopes
  • Wood chip/joinery filter bags
  • Cyclone pleated cartridges
  • Off-road machinery pleated filters
  • Floor sweeper panel filters
  • Ride on street sweeper filters & screens
  • Grain filtration screens
  • Vacuum final filter pads
  • Blower filters
  • Alumina refinery filters
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Welding fume & spark filters
  • Cement filters ~ Truck filters
  • Silo Filters ~ Tractor filters
  • 4WD filters ~ Cab filters

  • Baldwin ~ Donaldson
  • Fleetguard ~ Caterpillar
  • Hitachi ~ Komatsu
  • John Deere ~ Bobcat
  • & many others!

Family owned business

Ivey's Industrial Cleaners is a Bunbury based, family owned business. We have been operating since 1997 cleaning all types of air filters; from a ride-on lawn mower to a Haulpak, from an industrial vacuum cleaner to the very large needle felt blower filters, large bag house socks and pleated bags, Ivey's Industrial Cleaners have a solution.
We value our clients and customers, and always ensure that we don't just 'do the job' but get it done right, first time, every time. If you have a custom job you'd like to discuss, our friendly staff are waiting for your call. Call the air filter cleaning specialists with an eye for quality today.

We know how important time is to your business, which is why we provide a range of services to meet all your filter cleaning needs. We can supply replacements for all types of industrial air filters, including dust collector bags. Our professional team is dedicated to supplying our cleaning services on time and on budget. Contact us in Bunbury now to find out what we can do for you.

We can safely clean your genuine filters from all type of vehicles as well as filters from makers such as Donaldson, Baldwin and Fleetguard to name a few. All types of cartridge filters cleaned

Free pickup and delivery in the South West. For customers with larger quantities ask about our filter shipping bins for moving filters to our premises from other areas in Western Australia.

We offer all large and small customers the same level of service that is: Prompt and Efficient ~ Reduces operating costs ~ Reduces filter replacements ~ Reduces maintenance costs ~ Reduces waste and helps the environment.

At Ivey's Industrial Cleaners, we can clean and maintain the filters that filter the air you breathe and the filters that keep your machines running effectively and economically. We ensure that the air you breathe while at work is clean and healthy. Call our team today to discuss your air filter cleaning requirements.

about our filter cleaning.

Our dedicated team of air filter cleaning specialists, offer a range of professional services in our Bunbury workshop. Filters can be sent to us from any where in the state. For customers needing to ship large quantities of filters to us for cleaning we can provide purpose built shipping bins. On this page, we describe the process used by our team to get your air filters looking and working like new. For the most affordable filter cleaning services in Bunbury and Western Australia, call Ivey's Industrial Cleaning today. Cartridge air filter dry cleaning machine

Our dry cleaning process uses compressed air, but the air pressure is regulated and specially designed nozzles diffuse the impact on the media. The effect of the compressed air is also enhanced by agitation of the filter; and a complimentary vacuum system that passes additional air through the filter media, and removes the dirt for collection in a separate container.

An interesting phenomenon associated with air filters is the fact that they have to be used for a period of time, and get a little dirty, before they reach their maximum efficiency level. This break-in period allows a porous pre-coat, or cake, to build up on the filter; and this in turn is what is needed for the filter to reach its maximum filtering efficiency.

With Ivey's Industrial Cleaners' specially designed and built filter cleaner, if any given particle of dirt is loosened from the media, it will be removed from the filter. This means that any dirt left in the filter after dry cleaning (normally less than 1%), is left in place where it remains part of the original pre-coat. Then when the dry cleaned filter is put back into use, it has already been partially broken-in; and its efficiency is actually better than a brand new replacement filter.

Our filter machine is designed to clean filter cartridges from industrial dust collectors and powder paint recovery systems. It will clean filters from 100mm to 750mm in diameter & 900mm in length.

Ivey's air filter cartridge cleaner cleans the filters in a horizontal position, allowing gravity to work to our benefit in removing the larger particles of dirt from the pleated filter media. We have found that this is particularly important in the cleaning of filters with an inside-out airflow, those that we call "Inside Dirty".

The filter machine uses air nozzles located both inside and outside of the filter. Our nozzles all point in a downward direction & are operated simultaneously, resulting in faster & more efficient cleaning.

A series of dampers always direct the exhaust air through the filter media in the reverse direction from which the filter was used. The machine is programmed to count the number of times the nozzles and hammers travel across the length of the filter during the cleaning cycle. This assures that all filters, regardless of length, receive the same amount of cleaning. We also incorporate a timed hold for the nozzles at each end of the filter in order to give extra attention to the end cap areas where we have found dirt tends to get trapped. This equalises the cleaning along the full length of the filter.

A 3- Position selector switch allows our operator to adjust the cleaning cycle to accommodate "Very Clean", "Normal", or "Very Dirty" filters. By adjusting the cleaning cycle not only is the time to clean altered but the number of stops the cleaner makes along the filter is also adjusted to provide a deeper clean.

All filters cleaned are tested to ensure the integrity of the media before a final wipe over and bagging and labelling, all our filters have their own in-house tracking number and show the number of times cleaned. Any filters rejected are listed on a faulty filter form, so as your purchasing officer can organise their replacements.

If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our team in Bunbury. We will be happy to help you! Our filters cleaning experience covers a wide industry base.